UFO Crash Site Was Found by a Dog Walker in Middle of Woods in England

A random dog walker from Meddon in Devon, England, had actually came across a really strange finding when he was just thinking about his company when he discovered a place that had changed his entire life.

Ben Landricombe was the man in question who came upon this mysterious site of a crash that he believed was a UFO.

When he returned to the Cornwall Live Station, his dog had identified a crash spot more than a mile away when he began to track it down to the point that he knew that the dog was on something big when he even got there.

There were signs of crushed trees along with strange, non-human cries coming from the site of the accident. You can hear the cries in the video below. They’re very surprising, to say the least.

Scott, guy. C Waring himself looked at the video and even said that it could be a landing place for UFOs, as the vegetation surrounding it points to this having happened on a number of occasions.

Not just that, but it’s also really close to a cave ahead, which may be the entrance to an underwater foundation nearby.

But Ben isn’t alone on this one, as another post was posted by a Glasgow lady a while back in November when she saw a UFO passing through her house.


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