UFO Enthusiast Claims That 2 Massive UFOs Are Harvesting Energy From The Sun

If you’ve been following the conspiracy theory blogs for a while now you should know by now that a lot of the information that is released on the internet is brushed off by NASA as they try their hardest to hide their tracks at all times but this most recent discovery proves the fact that they can’t do this forever.

The discovery in itself came to us from a UFO hunter named UFOvni2012 as he posted the video, we attached here on his own YouTube profile essentially showcasing the fact that NASA is lying about everything.

This all started with the discovery of a mysterious object in the vicinity of the sun that nobody was actually able to explain until UFOvni2012 came out with the video.

In this video he stated that this wasn’t just a glitch with the program but that that is actually a massive spherical UFO that is extracting the energy from the Sun, essentially refueling their depleted fuel reserves.

He also brought up the fact that it isn’t just one UFO that you can see here but two, as the two massive spheres are both clearly extracting the plasma from the sun which we know based on the long trails of energy coming out of the Sun and surging into their ship.

NASA has stated that this is all just a case of the coronal cavities associated with filaments, but not everybody bought that excuse.

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