UFO Hunter Found An Ancient Pyramid On The Moon

Ufologist Scott Waring told the moon yet another impressive discovery. According to the explorer, on a natural satellite of the Planet, very close to the Egyptian one, he was able to locate an ancient pyramid.

The UFO displays a NASA snapshot and a screenshot of the Google Earth service in support of his terms. Waring assumes that the height of the system is around 1 kilometer.

The site from which the picture was obtained was licensed for use by scientists by NASA. The ufologist also said that there was more fascinating stuff he noticed.

The independent researcher is confident that this picture shows that thousands of years ago, ancient aliens landed on Earth.

On the closest space objects, on Mars and the Moon, robotic archaeologists periodically search for evidence of extraterrestrial existence.

UFOs are continuously filmed on camera on the surface of the natural satellite of the Planet and mysterious “ancient buildings” are found.

These observations prove, according to ufologists, that the Moon is still used for interplanetary flights by extraterrestrial cultures.

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