Ukrainian Female Co-host Shows Her True Reptilian Nature – All Happened On Live on TV

Dinosaurs are the world’s oldest mammal species, having evolved for several millennia due to the fact that humanoid reptiles are much more advanced than their more recent human relatives.

The more advanced a species is, the older it is, and as Darwin demonstrated all species change.

Humanoid reptilians had already appeared before the planet’s giant reptiles were wiped out by a large meteorite, and they had taken refuge in caves and inside the earth to avoid the disaster.

Although being a species that is a hundred million years older than humans, reptilian DNA has progressed to the point where they can alter their appearance and mask their reptile skin to appear as humans. Owing to evolutionary advancement, humanoid reptilians are now much more advanced than humans.

Despite the fact that they still live in large underground villages, many of them have come to the surface and are living among us without our knowledge. Often, as in the case of this young lady from Ukraine, reptilians appear by chance.

The video in question has been circulating on the Internet for months and is even more unmistakable proof that reptilians exist. The camera is taken aback when her eyes change into reptile eyes when she blinks. The reptilian woman is a female TV hostess who is interrogating a male.

The woman smiles and blinks with reptilian pupils when the man says, “Children of Gods, who later became gods.” This video was discovered on the AllatRa channel by YouTuber gRUNgerOfficial. AllatRa is a unique political movement in Ukraine.

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