Unexplained Ancient Artifacts Similar To Alien Spaceships

In case you didn’t know already by now, the world is filled with out of place artifacts that prove the fact that modern-day historians are actively working towards putting on a façade so as to hide the truth that was universally acknowledged in the past.

Take for example these following unexplained ancient spaceship artifacts which all suggest this as scientists and historians alike have no answers for them whatsoever.

First off, we have these following blueprints of a medieval rocket. It is quite a convoluted discovery as it clearly showcases the fact that whoever drew these knew exactly what they were going for despite living in medieval times.

Secondly, we have these instructions which were passed on by an Indian Guru 10,000 years ago. As you can tell they are meant to help someone construct one of these unexplainable flying machines despite this dating back to ancient times.

The Toprakkale Space Shuttle is also incredibly interesting, as despite the fact that it dates back to 2,500 years ago it’s clearly meant to be a carving of a spacecraft.

You can even find proof of spaceships in the bible as is evidenced by the many schematics that Ezekiel himself has written down in his verses.

Last but not least we have the lid from Pakal’s Tomb which anyone would be able to deduce is meant to represent the fact that the Mayan king was either an astronaut or was fascinated with one such astronaut that he spotted in the past.


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