Unidentified Object Found On The Surface of Mars

This strange object was captured on the surface of Mars not too long ago as more and more experts have tried to assess what it could be.

For the most part, experts agree that it appears to be a piece of something far greater than it and that it eventually broke off from that, being left here right after.

Some have stated that this could actually all be a part of a machine while others stated that it’s most likely a part of a vehicle that blew off as the vehicle drove past it.

But that’s not all as some have also stated that since we are on an alien planet and there are no aliens around this could actually be a piece from an extraterrestrial spacecraft of some sort.

Nothing is clear as of yet as the explanations keep piling up and no discernable end in sight.

Regardless, these are all speculations, and speaking of, we’d love to hear what you think about this strange encounter, to say the least.

Whatever you think of it it’s bound to be just as interesting if not even more so than the theories that have already been reported around it so far.

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