Weird Sonar Anomaly Discovered Off North Carolina Coast Sparks UFO Debate

The NOAA has opened an investigation into a strange sonar phenomenon discovered off the coast of North Carolina. On Wednesday, the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer was sent diving to determine if the anomaly was caused by a possible shipwreck or a rock formation.

Is it a geologic formation or a remnant from the past?

During the report, the NOAA live-streamed the exploration on its website and social media pages. The NOAA’s exploration vehicle has reached depths ranging from 820 to 13,124 feet, according to the NOAA.

NOAA has now sealed the area where the researchers discovered the anomaly. However, NOAA announced on Wednesday evening that the spotted phenomenon, now dubbed the “Big Dipper Anomaly,” appeared to be geologic in nature.

Conspiracy Theorists Propose Alien Theory.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists have jumped into the fray, alleging that advanced aliens might be hidden in the ocean’s oceans. According to UFO enthusiasts and alien enthusiasts, extraterrestrial beings have built shelters in the ocean depths and have adapted technologies to survive in the harsh oceanic conditions.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that a video of an unidentified object being trailed by a US Navy plane over the ocean shows that extraterrestrial life exists in the oceans. The Pentagon released this video following the disclosure of the ‘Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program’ (AATIP), which portrays a peculiar flying object that defies all laws of physics.


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