What Happened Before The Emergence Of Our Universe? – A New Hypothesis

Scientists from the United States have proposed that “something” existed before the birth of our universe. The discovery was published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters by researchers from Pennsylvania State University.

The data from the satellite missions “Cosmic Origins Explorer” and “LiteBIRD” helped the researchers come to their conclusions. The satellites’ mission is to look for evidence of primary gravitational waves in the midst of ancient cosmic radiation.

Scientists cite Einstein’s theory of general relativity in discussing their discovery, which cannot explain the unequal distribution of dark matter and galaxies in the expanding universe.

The Big Bounce hypothesis indicates that our universe was created from superdense matter left over from a previous universe, according to scientists.

Astrophysicists observe the tiniest anomalies in the composition of the Universe against a backdrop of ancient cosmic radiation on a daily basis. The radiation under investigation deviated significantly from classical physics postulates.

The discovered inhomogeneities, according to scientists, could be the result of quantum fluctuations in the earlier Universe.

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